Hello World! My name is Jeseka Price and I hope this finds you all well and thank you in advance for stopping by to view my Creative-Design Portfolio. Welcome to my small piece of real estate on the web, a digital footprint, where I can showcase all of my talents and sample work for potential Clients, Employers & anyone bypassing really!  Anyhow, one thing you should know about me is that I'm very enthusiastic, compassionate, creative, kind and faith-filled professional...while I also love to spend time with my close circle of friends and family! I’m definitely one of the most friendly individuals, along with easy going and open to topics or subjects that I may not always agree or comprehend.  However, sometimes we don't agree with certain aspects or viewpoints in life due to not fully understanding or being around a diverse group of associates in life



Therefore, I always put God first, family second and friends fall next.  Although, I do love to get involved in “giving back” charity & volunteer work are a passion and my way of giving back, while I also created a website/blog called Donation Therapy which is something I have greater plans for in the near future while also serving the Lord!  To sum up my passion and God given talents that happen to align in the form of Digital Media, Marketing, Copywriting & Production, well those happen to be my core skills of great interest where I excel with my attributes, qualifications & experience as follows:


Another characteristic that I proudly carry would be my excellent communication (verbal or written) skills.  I naturally gravitate, converse and bond with nearly anyone. One thing about me is that I have been around a diverse and cultured group of people throughout my life, and watching my Dad as a fantastic, relatable public speaker, friend, husband and a Man of God, perhaps the personality traits that cause individuals to gravitate towards him have either just rubbed off on me by luck, lol or most likely it has been carried through me in my DNA as they say.



I brainstorm, create, draft and pitch ideas for not only social media & company websites but also for a wide range of promotional campaigns such as a promotion for a wonderful Author and her series of Children’s Books, then a new venture I began in February working on a Political campaign, while being asked to serve on the committee for the Houston Young Professionals -with focus on YP & Urban/Minority Outreach.  While working on this assignment, I was creating 90% of the copy along with another Lady for all 4 social media platforms, then strategically choosing quality-action assets and shooting video with my associate then hurrying to edit, add music, highlighting key parts and images for video and social media viewers driving engagement up. I also knew in order to appeal to a younger demographic in an era of Travis Scott #Astroworld youth and minorities, I would always create a second trendy video using a similar beat sometimes, or sampling the music (clean version only of course) while laying the track on top of a “Lit” asset or live motion video.  I also realize that music connects all or most people and generations, along with hip hop, now of course I cant guarantee a Sicko Mode video will get anyone the Mayoral seat, I can say it was entertaining and very memorable as I was told several times, included by the candidate himself! Another role I had briefly was on-boarding | Social Media administrator for a Real Estate MLS Marketing start-up company, since I do have almost 5 years of experience in that industry it was ideal and a very clever way to connect builders & realtors while helping them market their listings via videos taken with drone footage, then edited with great transitions and sometimes background music, which was all to be marketed via Social Media (organically & paid ad campaigns).



Therefore, I’m highly skilled at creating a variety of videos utilizing video shop app or adobe premiere, then distributing them via digital platforms with the strategy of relaying and storytelling promotional, testimonial video clips, along with announcements along with Event promotion and creation via FB optimized through Eventbrite.  I also truly love overlaying asset/photos with my creative spin & copywriting skills, to then produce relevant content for each platform or channel.

My ability to develop new innovative ideas such as design logos, graphics or aesthetically visualize how a web page or Mobile display should pull up on your phone, or as they call it UI/UX it is a very crucial and key concept that is growing as we are all using Mobile devices more and more.  


You see I am Jackie of all Trades at times, and I don't mind being called “Jack of Trades either” I actually have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh, but there is a time and a place for everything. Therefore, I keep my gestures to a minimum and when it comes to work and getting things done, I see it as a time to shine and showcase my skill sets; or more so an opportunity for me to do what I do best, which consist of Vision, Creativity and a Game Plan.  One thing I love to leave with my Clients, Employer’s and/or Boss is a lasting impression with a smile on their face to follow, of course! Once all of my work has been successfully completed to a high standard, then I reveal a smile on my face knowing that I have executed a job well done, (yet, we all know the work is never done) but you get the point. However, in all seriousness I’m speaking of the project/assignment or task ...once that is complete and the customer/client is happy and well above satisfied with my work then I feel ecstatic, a breath of fresh air, you see, it's that moment when I feel completely at ease with celebrating and raising my glass for a grand toast after hours with my friends or co-workers on special occasions.  I also love Team building and doing anything event-wise to enhance my relationship with existing or new team members, unless of course I’m solely working on a remote project, I love those too btw, and my discipline to work as an individual contributor on any work from home project is treated just the same as an office setting, and possibly better due to my work pace, concentration, less conversing while I also embody a friendly competitive spirit along with a quality work-ethic.



I have always been a dreamer since I was a child so brainstorming, troubleshooting and problem solving ideas to pitch for possible implementation process, especially for editing and new technology emerging on a daily basis, a social media content calendar and strategy is an absolute must for any Digital Marketing and Media team.  Another talented function that I comprehend very well is having a firm knowledge of both video and audio with respect to broadcast/Television/Networks and Production, meaning I can work remote, in the office or on location, as we know in Media timing is everything, but so is accuracy so editing quickly, while proofing while striving for zero mistakes along with way, well its kind of always the executed vision that I aim high for!  One other thing to point out that I actually tell people all of the time is that time management, teamwork, being personable and kind, but also being able to receive any constructive criticism along the job is what I actually look for and respect from my team or coworkers and Report to of course.



I learned a while back that if you cant take being critiqued with constructive suggestions, then you will never grow and you can never be the absolute best without receiving feedback to consider from your employer, clients, peers, family, friends or strangers for that matter.  I am great at listening with an open mind, trying new things and saying thank you to whomever pointed, called out, or suggested the criticism or critique rather, therefore if you also want to be honest and dedicated employee while serving the Lord in any career, you must be honest in the kindest way possible...because if you don't speak up and you noticed a major mistake, then what is your purpose for doing the job?  I feel that offering or proposing a different way to do things with stats, or charts showing how things didn’t work in the past would be the best approach to bringing up new plan when it comes to the subject matter, even if it may feel uncomfortable, you just have to say something.if the person is mad gets mad or an attitude with you for just being honest, then thats their problem. I would most likely approach my Associate or Manager by saying something similar to this...”Hey (salutation name) I am not sure if I’m seeing this in error,  but I wanted to ask you if you were meaning to write, post, or relay this vs that (while showing and underlining the error as a visual)or is that the correct format/process? My rebuttal to avoiding conflict or awareness would be in this manner “ Oh, okay- I just wanted to let you know, because I would like for someone to do the same for me, after all Teamwork is Dreamwork and I was just looking out for us as a team collectively”.



Creating Content for a variety of diverse clients, while always maintaining the Clients Voice & Tone when it comes to developing a video, choosing great clips, fitting the appropriate music to hit each slide/photo or motion video (which is a big deal) because sometimes the moment can be missed due to lack of quality in the Web Content & Production department.  I also realize that making sure you include everyone by marketing approved assets of a variety of demographic population with basic yet vital content such as alternating the photos via Website or in regards to all platforms of social media-marketing to showcase “all types of people” ranging from a variety of backgrounds, ages, groups, races, ethnicities and lifestyles.  Inclusion & Diversity are not just popular because of 2019, it’s real life and we all live it daily not just in Houston, but worldwide. So there is a huge significance to making sure that everyone is not only heard or seen, but it’s very important that everyone knows they are always wanted & welcome.


So, for anyone reading this long/brief bio-snippet of my life and times, I’m sure the videos that I incorporated with my tagline “ Brown Paper Packages Tied Up In Strings, These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”  Yes, that - and all of my lovely photo-ops, dreamy vacations, Universal Music Group, BET, NBC, and major Network Events along with my flashy pics taken post leaving the Hollywood Soho-house in LA, well ...lets just say, it's easy to make your life look glamorous, flashy, rich, successful and completely flattering, especially with some great music, slide transitions, captions and photoshop! So I think if you get my last paragraph here, then you most likely get my drift…..what can I say, my Editing and Copywriting skills are pretty good, so if I can make my life seem uber fabulous while intriguing others.....well then I'm sure I can do the exact same “If not, more” for you and/or your products and services!  Think about it, and I hope to hear from you when you are ready to collaborate with me on your next project, because I guarantee my Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy will not only captivate your audience, but also grow your brand into something creatively fresh, new, innovative and lucrative. 



Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy my Creative Art Design Portfolio II, please comment or send me a message if you have any interest, inquiries, questions, ideas, concerns, constructive criticism or even better;  If you would like to discuss the possibility of Partnering with Price, or interested in a Price Consultation with me, then please by all means “ give me a holler via my contact page in the menu! P.S. I will work with you on pricing for specific projects of interest, if I see potential in the work such as it being pitched to the correct outlets etc, with respect to my time and yours, while benefiting both parties involved in exchange for showcasing the work as a form of credit on my Digital Portfolio.  After all, I don't just pick up any & every project for clout or money rather...It's very seldom, however sometimes I can justify a relatable cause, principle or intriguing assignment for my own personal life experience and sample work.





Key Skills & Attributes of Jeseka Price:

  • Digital & Social Media Manager | Administrator

  • Web and Multimedia Content Creator 

  • Copywriting, Blogging, Ghostwriting, Technical  & Creative Writing

  • Wordpress Website Development and Design Primarily & some WIX

  • Email Marketing Management & Campaigns 

  • Video/Music Production & Editing | Storytelling via Copy or Video

  • Digital Graphics Art Design | Brand Messaging, Band Logo Creation

  • User Experience and User Interface knowledge via Multimedia

  • Visual Web Design Ability to scan for UI (User Interaction)

  • Creating a presence on ALL Social Media Platforms

  • Tagging, Categories, Backlinking 

  • Metrics Performance & Data Stat Analysis

  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

  • Scheduling Posts | Media Buy exp | Content Calendar

  • Hubspot & Hootsuite knowledge

  • Joomla CRM + SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM Volunteer

  • Performed Media Buy Entry & Budget Mgmt in Ledger

  • Google Analytics | Google Adwords and Keyword Search

  • SEO Optimization | Web Content Strategy

  • Production: Fashion, Casting Assistant & Talent PA

  • Sewing | Fashion |Prototyping / Sketches 

  • Music Savvy in all genres with Beats, Tone, Pitch, Selection

  • Political Social Media Strategist | Childrens book Promotion

  • Adobe Photoshop | Creative Cloud | Illustrator 

  • Adobe Vintage Logo, Spark & InDesign experience 

  • Creating Automations and Organic Reach

  • Target Audience , Demographics & Paid Reach


Please Reach out to myself via Contact Form, I will get back to you ASAP.